Computer geeks and web design and programming

Web design is the process of planning and implementing web pages, taking into account the layout and design of all the elements to achieve an attractive result that offers a good user experience.

Computer geeks know all about it :)

By good user experience we refer to several factors. One of them is that it is easy to navigate through the different sections of the website and that the user knows at all times where they are.

It does not have to be difficult to find something on the web, and you have to facilitate access to the most important pages of the site, for example, by adding them to a navigation menu so that they are always in sight.

Another factor that influences the good user experience is the arrangement of all the elements that make up a page.

These should be placed so that the user does not overwhelm while reading the page or scrolling on it:

They do not have to be crammed together, but you have to leave blank space between them, you do not have to put large paragraphs of text, but you have to add several points and apart, you have to choose a combination of colors that combine between them and not disturb the eye, etc.

And another factor that has become very relevant over the last few years and that from now on will be essential if you want to have a good web positioning, is to have a responsive design.

In the link you can see the definition of responsive design, but in summary, it means that all the elements of the web adapt to the screen from where it is being accessed.

That is, the web looks just as good whether it is accessed from a computer or accessed from a mobile phone or tablet.

Every year more people surf the internet through their smartphone, and if your website does not have a responsive design, you will offer a bad user experience to people who access from your mobile, as they will have difficulty viewing the contents and browsing she.

How to get a good web design without computer geeks?

There are many ways to create and design a website, but the most used worldwide today is installing WordPress.


Well, basically because it is not necessary to have knowledge of programming and in a few minutes you can have your operational website. In this link you can see all the advantages of WordPress.

The design of your website will be marked mainly by the theme you use, in this link I show you which are my favorites.

Although only installing WordPress and a beautiful theme you will not get a good web design, luckily, there are several tools that will allow you to achieve good results in an easy and intuitive way.

These tools are known as layout models, and their function is to design the pages of your website by adding all the necessary elements by simply dragging and dropping, being able to customize them with a few mouse clicks without any help of the computer geeks.

Here you can see the best WordPress layout, although if I had to recommend only one, it would undoubtedly be Elementor.

If you want to add subscription forms to get leads, the best tool you can use to integrate your design with that of your website is Thrive Leads.

With it you will be able to give the design you want to the forms and they will not clash with the rest of the web design.

Although if you are not doing very well the topic of web creation, it is best to hire the web design services of a professional.

Specifically, and sweeping at home, you can hire my web design services with WordPress or an online store design, depending on what you need.

You will get a professional result without worrying about anything other than running your business or posting content on your blog.


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