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GPS Locator: What are they and how do they work?

Do you know what a GPS locator is and how it can help protect your loved ones or pets?

Probably yes, but if you still do not know or have doubts in this article we will give you the answers.

In addition, we will tell you what are the 4 best models that you can find in online stores, their functions, advantages and disadvantages.

What are GPS trackers?

A GPS tracker or locator is an electronic device that uses the global position system known as GPS (Global Positioning System) to locate and then discover the position of a person, a car, an animal ...

The basic operation of GPS locators is based on triangulation.

According to the laws of physics, to know a position in space you need to have three fixed points and get them from satellites. In the space around the Earth there are 32 satellites.

The 4 best GPS locators - Buying Guide

Thanks to the benefits offered by a GPS locator in the online store you can find many models of different prices, some cheaper than others. And also with different features and functionalities.

Next, we will tell you which are the best according to the opinions of the users:

GPS Tracker invoxia

Invoxia GPS Tracker for children will allow you to remotely locate objects or people using the Invoxia GPS application.

You will receive alerts on your mobile phone when the GPS locator is moving (every 5 or 10 minutes, depending on the configuration).

You can predefine alert zones like your home, office or school, and you will receive a notification as soon as the mini GPS locator enters or leaves these zones. You can define as many alert zones as you wish.

How to choose the right GPS locator for your needs?
Fortunately, there are a lot of models of GPS car locators on the market. However, this can also be a problem, since a large number of products can undoubtedly create indecision during the purchase phase.

To facilitate this type of decision, in principle it is essential that you establish what your priorities are. In the evaluation phase it is necessary that you analyze, in a completely personal way, what the needs are and what characteristics you are looking for in a specific model. In this way, you can make a first selection and filter your research, according to your personal parameters.

The price is another criterion that you can use, so you can evaluate different models, depending on a more or less common price range.

How do GPS trackers work?

The operation of these devices is very simple, they are composed of two modules: reception and transmission.

To start using a GPS tracker in a car, for example, simply insert a SIM card (like the one your mobile phone uses) enabled to receive and transmit voice or data traffic.

From your mobile phone, send a normal text message to the SIM card number and start receiving the real-time positions of the operating device at that time.

Some models on the market are also equipped with an internal memory to record all movements, which can then be downloaded and consulted at a later time.

The data sent by the car alarm will be displayed on the mobile phone from which you sent the text message or through a web browser.

The new models of the GPS Tracker are very advanced and in the message they send, a link to Google Maps is also included, to show the current position of the car directly on the map.

Anyone can use this type of device, since very simple and generally at the time of purchase, all the necessary instructions for the correct installation of the device are provided.

Advantages and disadvantages of GPS trackers

GPS tracks are being used for many purposes and the GPS system has proven to be a revolutionary technology in today's world. The GPS locator has several advantages and, in contrast to that, it also has some disadvantages. Some of them are:

Advantages of the GPS locator:

  • The GPS car locator is very easy to navigate, it tells you the direction of each turn you take or you have to take to get to your destination.
  • The mini GPS locator works, generally, in all types of weather, so you should not worry about the weather.
  • The GPS tracker is economical compared to other navigation systems.
  • The most attractive feature of this system is its 100% coverage on the planet.
  • It also helps you find nearby restaurants, hotels and service stations and is very useful if you don't know the place.
  • Due to its low cost, it is very easy to integrate into other technologies such as the smartphone.
  • The system is regularly updated by the United States government and, therefore, is very advanced.

Disadvantages of a GPS locator

Sometimes, the GPS locator may fail due to certain reasons and, that is why, you should always carry a backup map and instructions.

If you are using a mini GPS locator that works with a battery, the battery may fail and you may need an external power supply, which is not always available.

Sometimes, GPS locator signals are not accurate due to some obstacles to the signals, such as buildings, trees, and sometimes due to extreme weather conditions, such as geomagnetic storms.


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